Why Everyone Should Try Writing Serialized Fiction (with developmental editor & Top Faved Kindle Vella author Kitty Gulick)

“I fired myself!”

Once upon a time, serial fiction was the way most stories were consumed. In today’s episode, Top Faved Kindle Vella author Kitty Gulick explains why you should consider writing serials now. She also shares all of her numbers and what she’s made in her first year of trying to make writing and creativity her full-time gig.

We also chat about the ethics of being a developmental editor, having to fire yourself from jobs, how different her writing vs. editing process looks, and how she prices her services.

I had the absolute best time chatting with Kitty (especially as she lived so close — now she’s off on another RV journey!) She’s fully convinced me to write a serial (especially with how fun and involved the audience can be!) and I’m already thinking of how I could bring my YouTube and Twitch audience in for in-story decision making.

I hope you enjoy hearing from her as much as I did!!

Find Kitty & her work online!

The Explorers: https://readtheexplorers.com

Her Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kittygulick/

Her website: https://www.kittygulick.com

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